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Music has always been a big part of my life. From chorus to choir, and from playing the trumpet in concert/marching band to teaching myself how to play the guitar, music has been an important creative and emotional outlet.

I picked up my oldest brother’s acoustic guitar when I was fifteen years old, and I have been a singer/songwriter ever since. In the 17-ish years since then, I have written about 66 original songs.

When I was 17, my parents bought me a cheap 4-track audiocassette recorder, and I sat in my room for weeks recording my first “album” on a cassette tape. I recorded 14 songs. They weren’t the best songs, and it wasn’t the best audio quality, but it gave me an opportunity to play and experiment. A few years ago, I found that audiocassette and digitized the songs. I posted them on my Soundcloud page as The Cassette Tape Album -

Once technology advanced and programs like Garageband came around, I started recording more of my songs. Again, not the best audio quality recording off of the built-in microphone of an early MacBook, but it once again gave me new tools to play with and experiment with.

I started playing at open-mic nights whenever I could and began getting really good feedback about my songs and voice. (

After one open mic night, an event coordinator approached me from American University, in D.C. He offered to pay me a couple hundred dollars to be an opener for one of the shows he was putting together at the university. I hadn’t even graduated high school yet, so it was exciting and terrifying and, again, I got a lot of good feedback on my music.

Throughout college, I played more open mic nights and recorded more songs on my own 2007 MacBook Pro. Again, not the best quality audio, but it was fine for what it was.

People always told me that I should record an album in an actual studio, but that always seemed like a pipe dream to me.

About a year and a half ago, I decided that I could do it myself. The technology had advanced to a point where anyone could record a fairly quality album in their own home. So I invested in a couple microphones, mic stands, monitors, and built a small recording booth in the closet of my home office. The goal was to record a full album before my 31st birthday and just put it out on iTunes, Spotify, etc. Not because I wanted to make a bunch of money from it or to find any kind of fame, but just to do it - to cross it off my creative bucket list.

Unfortunately, some personal life issues got in the way, and the album project was put on hold, indefinitely. It was very disappointing and very discouraging.

Now, a year later, weeks before my 32nd birthday, I’ve been given an opportunity to record a real EP album. And not in a home studio, either, but in the multi-million dollar audio temple studio at the university I work at. And I get to do it for free.

I have some amazing friends who believe in me and support me, and just happen to have some important connections at the studio.

This is something that I’ve wanted to do ever since I picked up my brother’s guitar, seventeen years ago (which I still have, by the way). In a few weeks, I’ll be walking into a legit recording studio and recording four or five songs that will be released on iTunes and everywhere else. It seems surreal, and I couldn’t be more excited.

I’m going to be blogging about it and sharing more of the process as we go through, so feel free to follow along on , and follow me on Instagram and Twitter @ageimermusic

If you’ve seen the video on my “Inspire” blog post, you know that I tell my students, at the end of every month, to never give up on their dreams. Now, I get to finally take my own advice and prove to them that it’s possible.

So, follow along and stay tuned for more.


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