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In the past few years that I've been teaching, I've struggled a bit with a longing to get involved in the other things that I'm incredibly passionate about. It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day, day after day, being hyper focused on the job at hand; the students, the grading, the curriculum changes, the projects, the meetings, etc., and forget that I was a filmmaker.

Filmmaking is something that I'm still very much passionate about. It's what I have a degree in, and being a part of that creative endeavor is something that I've missed for a long time. I watch movies all the time, and I talk about movies all the time, but creating a movie is something that allows me to exercise a creative skillset that, as of late, I've felt has started to atrophy. It's a skillset that I've spent years developing, and it was very depressing to feel like that time and those skills were just going to go waste.


Earlier this year, a friend asked me to co-produce a short film that our other friend wanted to direct. I jumped at the opportunity. We spent about 2-3 months on preproduction and then, over the Spring Break holiday week, we shot 99% of the movie.

And I felt revived.

In the production office with the AD team

It's given me a new burst of creative energy. It's given me a unique experience that I can bring to my students and relate to my course content. I got to work with dedicated students who were effectively working on a professional level, and were nothing short of inspiring.

It was a breath of fresh air. It reminded me of why I love filmmaking and that even though I love teaching and that's my day-job, it's important to not let the other things that I'm passionate about fall by the wayside.

Watching playback with the director and actors

It's important to not lose yourself in the day to day.

So, whether it's movies, music, painting, pottery, acting, fishing, gardening, writing, cooking, playing sports, or whatever else - make time to do the things you're passionate about.

Make time to stretch those muscles and breathe that fresh air.

The things that you care about make up who you are.

Make time to pursue yourself.

Look out for our Green Hornet short film later this year, and more from Ape Prime Productions!

UPDATE - 6/4/18

Ape Prime Productions is happy to announce the release of The Green Hornet fan film. Enjoy!

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