Bullet Journaling

Throughout my life, I have tried time and time again to keep yearly/monthly/weekly/ day planners, personal journals, and list app after list app after list app. All of them were futile attempts to bring order and structure to a chaotic, and occasionally forgetful life. The problem was the discipline needed to effectively bounce back and forth between all those different things. Trying to keep a daily planner schedule for my work/personal life, on top of a personal journal, on top of keeping various list apps updated, was just too much. So inevitably, I would give up after about two or three weeks and fall back into “wingin’ it” mode with my old buddy iCal.

Then I came across something that finally worked for me.

I needed the functionality of a monthly/weekly/daily planner to keep track of appointments, meetings, and deadlines for work, as well as personal appointments, birthday reminders, and project deadlines for the various projects I do outside of work.

This was a planner.

I needed a personal journal to record the interesting stories and thoughts of my life. As a writer, it’s also a helpful tool to work through writer’s block. Though, I often found that I didn’t have much to write. My day-to-day life isn’t exactly action packed and all those empty pages can be intimidating to fill.

This was a journal.

I needed lists to keep track of many various things in my work and personal life: Grocery items, story ideas, books to read, movies to see, etc. Everybody loves lists. Everybody loves crossing things off of lists. I need lists.

This was a list maker.

Not to sound too Steve Jobs-ish, but a planner, a journal, and lists - all in one.

In January of this year, I started a Bullet Journal. I won’t waste time explaining everything about it, you can check out the link below, but I’ve been keeping up with it for four months now. In short, it’s whatever I need it to be – planner, journal, lists, workout schedule, habit tracker, and beyond. The online bullet journaling (or “bujo”) community is huge. The options for template designs are endless. It took me a little while to figure out what works for me.

These are a few of things I use it for:

Weekly Planner

New Movie List

Habit Tracker

For more info on starting your own Bullet Journal, check this out - http://bulletjournal.com/

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