This one is going to be short and sweet.

Many of my students have had very poor educational experiences wherein teachers and professors focused mainly on the knowledge and very little on the understanding. They were expected to memorize a lot of information so they could pass a written exam. It didn’t matter if they understood the material or not, only that they could recite it for a passing score.

I do not approach teaching from that mindset.

I approach it from the mindset of, “I need to help my students understand.”

You can learn how something is done without ever understanding why it’s done that way.

It’s the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

Those lightbulbs only click on through achieving an honest understanding of the content...

...not through memorizing bullet points and chapter reviews for a test.

I don’t want my students to memorize my lessons so they can get high test scores; I want them to understand the content so that they’ll be more successful in the future.

© 2019 by Andrew Geimer.

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