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Presentation Planning Twine Asset


In May of 2016, our leadership team was tasked with creating an interactive teaching asset that would help students better understand the importance and purpose of creating a planning document for their presentations.



  • Create an interactive online asset that could be utilized by both teachers and students.

  • The asset was to be in a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style game, allowing the students to choose between creating a plan for pitching an idea, pitching a product/service, or pitching themselves to potential employers.

  • Correct choices would allow them to progress, while incorrect choices would bring them to an end point with an explanation and lesson.



The goal was to complete the project before the second week of July. The project took a few more weeks to complete due to the complexity of the build.



The three Course Directors, of which I was one, each took one of the potential planning paths to our respective teams of Associate Course Directors.


Each team developed the stages and lessons within their assigned planning path.


Once completed, the path outlines were sent to me.


Utilizing the free web tool, Twine, I mapped, constructed, and linked all the various stages and end points for all three planning paths.
























(Birdseye view of the mapping and path linking)


Once the project file was completed, I uploaded the project to, which is a free Twine hosting site.


The link was distributed via the Basecamp platform and was launched in August.


You can access the asset at the following link:

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